InFaith Preschool Portraits

Go to SBCpreschool and enter your email address. I will email a direct link when galleries are ready.

InFaith Preschool Portraits is a boutique style fine art school photography and provides a quiet, kind, and encouraging environment that allows children to relax and be themselves. Photos are taken against a black or grey backdrop with natural light. Certainly no deer in headlights images here.

Parents pay nothing upfront and receive an online gallery with different options to order. They can choose which image or images to order, instead of one image selected by the photographer.

I am a mom (of two teenagers now!), a professional photographer, and graphic designer and a substitute teacher. I take great pride in providing a better level of personal service than the large corporations. In addition, I love children. They are my favorite subject to photograph. I think they can tell I like them too. They deserve an experience where they can relax, be themselves, and stand in front of a photographer who is smiling at them.

How do I access my child’s photos?

All viewing and ordering is done online from my secure website at SBCpreschool. Each child will have their own gallery within their teacher’s folder. For siblings, look under the siblings folder for your gallery.

Do I have to purchase a package?

No. You may select any a la carte products that fit your needs as long as the order total equals $35 (the same amount as the smallest package). Packages are of one pose only and represent a small discount over purchasing the same items individually. But if you don’t need the items that are packaged, or prefer multiple poses, you can select any individual prints or digital files as you like.

Can I purchase digital files?

Absolutely! Parents love purchasing digital files because they are a great value. Once you purchase a file, it’s yours to keep and make as many prints as you like – forever. They can be used for online sharing, greeting cards, or presents. Please note that I can only guarantee color and quality when you purchase a print through me. I recommend for your personal printing. 

There are a bunch of photos in my child’s gallery that look very similar. Why did you put them all in there?

You know what expression best represents your child’s most natural look so I add as many as I have for you to choose from. 

My child’s classmate’s gallery had more photos than my child’s did – why is that?

Each child will have 2-5 images in their gallery. Some children will be a little more reserved, while others will show a variety of expressions, so some children’s galleries may have more images.

When will I receive my pictures?

Your prints will be delivered to the school 2-3 weeks after the gallery closing date. Digital Packages are emailed shortly after purchase.

I don’t like any of my child’s pictures. May I schedule a make up?

If your school has a makeup day scheduled, I’m more than happy to try again to get a picture that you love. Please check with your school administrator about whether there is a makeup day scheduled.

I have more questions.

Please feel free to email me at